Coping Strategies for Covid-19

At BlueCrest Recovery, we’re lucky to have a supportive recovery community that is here to help. That’s why BlueCrest CEO Richard Hession appeared on New York’s Pix11 News to discuss the strategies that are working for our community to get through Covid-19 stress.

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man in aa meeting

How Long Are AA Meetings? Plus More AA Questions, Answered

To make your first AA meeting a little easier, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding Alcoholics Anonymous. We hope these will encourage you to take your first step towards attending a meeting and finding support for your ongoing recovery. If you need more information, visit the AA website for resources and details.

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angry alcoholic man being mean to woman

Why Are Alcoholics Often Mean?

Understanding why people struggling with alcoholism are so often angry, emotional, and depressed requires understanding how chronic alcohol use affects the brain on a physical and chemical level.

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person killed by drug overdose

How Does a Drug Overdose Kill You

A drug or alcohol overdose happens when a person consumes a lethal or toxic amount of an addictive substance, poisoning the body. An overdose may be accidental or may be a deliberate suicide attempt. Each class of drugs has a unique effect on the brain and body, causing death by overdose for different reasons.

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brain made up of alcohol

Is Alcoholism a Mental Illness?

In 1980, the third edition of the Manual, DSM-3, identified alcoholism as a subset of a mental health disorder. The current edition, DSM-5, classifies alcoholism, now referred to as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) or Substance Use Disorder (SUD), as a mental disorder presenting both physical and mental symptoms.

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woman craving drugs

Why Do I Crave Drugs?

Certain factors may increase the likelihood of developing an addiction, including past trauma, especially if it occurred in childhood, genetics, family history, depression or another mental health problem, social and cultural factors, and other influences. Once addiction takes hold, cravings make it difficult to break the cycle.

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alcoholic man binge drinking

How to Stop Binge Drinking

Binge drinking can be deadly in itself and may lead to an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Take steps to cut down or abstain from alcohol before it seriously impacts your life. Here are some tips to stop binge drinking.

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woman abusing opioids

What Can Opioid Abuse Do to the Body?

Many opioids are extremely potent medications prescribed to treat serious chronic or post-surgical pain. When used as prescribed, opioids are relatively safe and effective, but when misused or used illegally, they can be deadly.

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