Synthetic Drug Abuse Treatment

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Synthetic Drug Abuse Outpatient Treatment Center in New Jersey

Synthetic drug abuse has been a national problem for nearly a decade, ever since suppliers began flooding the country with new and ever more dangerous designer substances. As a leading synthetic drug abuse recovery facility in New Jersey, BlueCrest Recovery Center continues to look for innovative and effective solutions to the growing epidemic, starting with education and culminating in synthetic drug outpatient treatment programs that give addicts a second chance at sobriety.


What Are Synthetic Drugs?

Most illegal drugs are derived from natural substances, whether that is the opium used to create heroin or the coca leaves used to produce cocaine. Synthetic drugs, on the other hand, are composed of man-made chemicals. Produced in a laboratory setting, they’re designed to mimic the pharmacological effects of illegal substances while being molecularly different enough to bypass existing laws.

Unfortunately, even a small alteration to the chemical structure of a substance can have profound implications for the health and safety of users. Popular among high school students as well as adults, such designer drugs nonetheless contain dangerous chemicals that may lead to addiction, serious harm, or even death.


Why Has Synthetic Drug Abuse Become So Common?

Given the dangers, why do so many people rush to fill their bodies with these toxic substances? Why have synthetic drugs have become the recreation of choice for a growing segment of the population?

One reason is accessibility. Chemists are able to create new varieties with alarming speed by making only minor changes to the chemical structure of existing substances. As a result, the law has a hard time catching up to the ever-changing nature of synthetic drugs, and people looking for mind-altering substances can easily buy them on the internet, at a local gas station, or through a friend.

Another reason is marketing. Typically produced in foreign countries such as China, and then smuggled into the United States, such designer drugs often come in colorful packaging, with fun names such as “Spice” and “Cotton Cloud.” Suppliers also mislead buyers by claiming their products are similar to existing drugs such as marijuana, although they bear little resemblance to more traditional drugs.


Popular Synthetic Drugs

  • Synthetic Marijuana: Also known as K2, Spice, or fake weed, synthetic marijuana may sound like its natural counterpart, but, otherwise, it has little in common with the cannabis people have been smoking for centuries. A chemical substance sprayed onto dried plant material, its effects are not only different from marijuana but far more dangerous.
  • Bath Salts: A group of synthetic stimulants known collectively as “bath salts” have been known to cause everything from hallucinations to chest pains, high blood pressure, physical dependence, and even death.
  • Synthetic Opioids: Synthetic opioids such as Fentanyl have played a key role in driving the opioid epidemic that has devastated entire communities and regions of the country. They are responsible for 31 percent of overdoses in 2016.1


New Jersey Synthetic Drug Outpatient Treatment

BlueCrest Recovery Center in New Jersey is one of many synthetic drug abuse recovery centers across the nation. Our intensive outpatient program offers hope to men and women who want to break the bonds of synthetic drug abuse and regain their independence. Participants in our synthetic abuse IOP meet for three hours three days per week to deal with the underlying issues that contribute to their addiction.

We encourage New Jersey residents who need help overcoming synthetic drug abuse to contact us for more information about our synthetic drug abuse recovery program.