Aftercare Services

Restoring Hope. Restoring Lives.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare is a crucial aspect of a client’s transition into post treatment recovery after successfully completing PHP and/or IOP services.  This process focuses upon pragmatic services that will support a client with expanding their lives.  Such plans might entail referral services in the areas of education, employment/career, holistic approaches to recovery, family services, 12-step program preparation and appropriate referrals, and alumni services that will provide continual access to BlueCrest services for clients and family members.  

Educational/Vocational Training Services:

The wish to pursue or complete education in a client’s life frequently arises as recovery proceeds forward.  BlueCrest will help clients identify the most effective ways of acquiring educational/vocational programs that would most effectively assist them in this process.  This process can be intimidating yet with the proper guidance these goals can be reached.   Once the application process in these areas begins, the dreams that once seemed impossible now are available in a realistic and practical manner.    We have contacts with numerous educational and vocational programs that will match any client’s needs.   The drive to succeed in recovery can be channeled in these areas with the professional guidance that BlueCrest offers.  

Occupational Services:

BlueCrest’s Post Recovery Services will include Occupational Obtainment Support. During these seminars, lectures, and groups our clients will receive assistance in resume writing, interview preparation and assistance with analyzing their difficulties (if any) with obtaining and maintaining employment. If a client is returning to their current occupation after a leave of absence, a Counselor will be assigned to address any issues the client may have had previously or currently.  Resume building, job-searching techniques, interviewing skills will be offered in order for any client to.   

Alumni Services:

All clients and family members who attend BlueCrest Recovery Center will invited to be part of our alumni family.  We are a supportive and caring community that will always welcome new members.  As each client recovers, our community is ready to embrace them with the love and support that people seek.  Our Alumni group is the primary way for clients to be part of this movement.  Alumni are frequently asked to return and speak, sharing their experience, strength and hope with other clients or family members who are early in the recovery process.  This is a venue that alumni members find to be very gratifying as it allows them to carry the message of recovery in a personal manner.    Events are scheduled that allow past clients to gather and celebrate their recoveries.    The celebration of one’s life is crucial for each client to obtain in order to have hope and faith that their lives can be gratifying beyond their wildest dreams. 

Holistic Health Services:

BlueCrest will offer referrals to a variety of holistic health services that will support each client in various ways.  Holistic health services involving spiritual, physical and emotional recoveries will be suggested to all clients that participate at the BlueCrest Recovery Center.   Referrals typically would include yoga, meditation, spiritual centers, martial arts, retreat centers, music and art therapies, and various workout facilities.