Dual Diagnosis

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Co-Occurring Disorders

Dual Diagnosis a common phenomena that can parallel a substance abuse disorder.  Frequently a person struggling with substance abuse will present with other emotional issues that may have been present prior to, or coinciding with, the beginning process of substance abuse.  Being able to identify and work with co-occurring disorders is crucial for the personal success of any client who struggles in these areas.  BlueCrest’s clinical staff are specifically trained in these areas and will be able to professionally and successfully guide any client with these clinical problems.   Our experience has revealed that the most common of such disorders that may derail progress in recovery is anxiety and depression.


When anxiety and substance abuse disrupts our lives we often lose significant capacity to cope with life’s problems.   Experiencing pleasure and contentment may seem out of reach. Anxiety begins to rule everyday experiences in such a way that people may start to wonder if there is any way out of their own conflicted feelings.  Isolation from meaningful relationships is the usual and unfortunate result of a person struggling with anxiety.  Often the resulting disconnects that occur with loved ones only serves to exacerbate the unfortunate symptoms of anxiety.  The very struggle with personal connection prevents us from using the supports in our lives in meaningful ways to help individuals move through these crippling symptoms.   Anxiety can become a vicious cycle with no perceived end in sight.  Coupled with substance abuse, anxiety becomes a complex issue that requires treatment that takes into consideration the relationship of these symptoms.

Taking the first step towards support can often help the anxious person begin to feel better, sometimes significantly.  By doing so we begin to signal to others and ourselves that there is a realistic and achievable hope.  Reaching towards support and being honest with our struggles is a huge step that needs to be validated and encouraged.  Finding the right treatment facility that has the ability to treat dual diagnosis is crucial to the successful recovery from substance abuse.  BlueCrest Recovery Center provides an individual with the care necessary to work through the anxiety and substance abuse that torments their lives.  It is important to ascertain the root causes of anxiety and how to proceed toward effective treatment.  Anxiety’s origins can be numerous.  How anxiety presents as a symptom can be just as diverse.  Our clinical experience in this area allows for hope in this journey towards liberation.    The presence of anxiety and substance abuse in a person’s life demands treatment based in psychological and spiritual answers.  We at BlueCrest would be honored to walk this treatment path with you.


Our psychological and biological developmental history has an enormous impact upon how we emotionally react to the various challenges in our lives.  At times, coping with life on life’s terms can frequently lead to depressive functioning, sometimes for significant periods of time.  For some people, living with various levels of depression has been a life-long struggle.  Our relationships suffer as we often either lash out at loved ones or turn towards self-loathing.  Subsequently, isolation becomes the byproduct of depression.  Unfortunately isolation, although initially felt as protective, only leads to increased depression.   Using substances as an attempt at self-medication can create serious disturbances in our lives that block our paths towards successful and happy lives.

Breaking this tenacious cycle of depression and substance abuse is necessary for healing to begin. Understanding our pasts in a more effective manner and expanding our current responses to conflict can result in significant improvement in the quality of life.  At BlueCrest we offer insight, empathy and professional guidance leading to successful recovery. We understand that a trusting and warm therapeutic relationship is the prerequisite for this liberating process to occur.  Reaching out toward help may feel useless or fearful but it can be the right step toward healing wounds that seem so insurmountable.