Will Vivitrol Treatment Work for Me?

To help you go through addiction treatment safely and maintain your sobriety, one of the best medications is Vivitrol. Our center provides a Vivitrol treatment program in New Jersey as part of our medication-assisted treatments. But who is Vivitrol right for? Contact us at BlueCrest Recovery by calling 888.292.9652.

Who Is Vivitrol Right For?

Vivitrol is the brand name for naltrexone. Vivitrol binds with opioid receptors in the brain, which helps block the effects of alcohol and opioids. It prevents the brain from sending out signals that trigger cravings while at the same time blocking the “high” you receive from the substances if you use them.

It’s important to understand that Vivitrol treatment is not a cure for addiction, but it makes staying sober a bit easier. It’s highly recommended for those who have already completed detox and rehab, as it can help prevent relapse. However, not everyone will benefit from Vivitrol treatment.

The Vivitrol treatment protocol is effective for men and women over 18 who struggle to manage cravings during the first few weeks or months of the recovery process. As you go through recovery, Vivitrol helps you stay focused on your therapy sessions instead of battling with cravings.

Vivitrol Treatment Protocol: What to Expect

The recommended Vivitrol treatment protocol is an intramuscular injection that a medical professional provides once a month. It is most effective when given in the buttocks, with your doctor alternating the buttocks with each infusion.

Vivitrol is a slow-release medication with few side effects, but some of them might be:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Nausea

Some people may need to receive Vivitrol injections longer than others, but generally, the treatment length is about a year. We will talk you through the Vivitrol treatment protocol at our center when you come for your first session.

How Vivitrol Works

When you start using opioids or alcohol, your body craves the high the substances produce. Activating your opioid receptors, opioids, and alcohol prompts your body to release endorphins, which make you feel good—teaching your brain that those substances are rewarding.

Vivitrol acts as an opioid antagonist, which prevents your brain from releasing the feel-good chemicals. This is what reduces your cravings.

At our center, we offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs that help you focus on understanding what led to the development of the addiction without having to combat severe cravings simultaneously.

Individual therapy is a crucial aspect of getting sober, and our experts focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to help you start your recovery. Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches you to identify the thought patterns leading to negative behaviors like addiction. Once you can recognize these patterns, you can start changing them. Dialectical behavior therapy is a variation of cognitive-behavioral therapy, focusing on managing powerful emotions in healthier ways. It also helps you accept your present circumstances while looking for ways to improve.

By combining the proper medications with individual therapy sessions, you can start targeting the issues that led you to an addiction while also getting relief from powerful cravings.

Enroll in BlueCrest Recovery’s Vivitrol Treatment Program in New Jersey

There’s help available if you’re dealing with a substance use disorder. Many times, people hesitate to begin treatment because they fear experiencing cravings.

However, you can get the kind of support you need by turning to a recovery center that offers medication-assisted treatment and some of the best individual therapy options in the area.

BlueCrest Recovery offers Vivitrol treatment as part of our opioid and alcohol addiction treatments. Don’t spend another day battling an addiction when you can get help. Reach out to BlueCrest Recovery by calling 888.292.9652.

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