Why There’s Nothing “Casual” About Drug Use

Even so-called casual drug use can have long-term and damaging effects on your health, brain, independence, freedom, future, and life. Whether it is having an occasional episode of binge drinking or popping more prescription painkillers than prescribed, there are numerous ways one can go from “casual” drug use to addiction.

Many casual drug users believe they “are able to stop at any time,” but this is perhaps the most clichéd phrase a drug addict tells him-/herself. As the body adjusts and builds up a tolerance to alcohol or drugs, the addict discovers s/he has to use more of the desired substance to achieve a similar “high.” This is where addiction takes hold and the addict’s life starts spiraling out of control.

Unfortunately, many full-blown addicts find out the truth too late: when they can stop, they don’t want to; when they want to stop, they physically can’t.

With some drugs, it only takes using them a single time to become hooked and addicted. To learn more about why there’s nothing “casual” about drug use and other interesting facts, we invite you to continue reading and reviewing the following infographic.

If you or a loved one is dealing with casual drug use and slipping more and more into addiction, please feel free to contact BlueCrest Recovery Center to learn more about our addiction treatment and our outpatient treatment programs today!

Nothing Casual About Drug Use Infographic

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