What to Look for in a Sober Living Home

Choosing a sober living home can be a spectacular way to get your recovery started on the right foot. However, not all sober living homes offer the same level of services or support, so making the right choice should be a priority. Contact BlueCrest Recovery at 888.292.9652 to speak to our team about our sober living program and learn what the best ones offer.

What Is in a Sober Living Home?

If sober living is still new to you, you might wonder, “What is in a sober living home that makes it such a great place to start your recovery?” Most sober living programs have a similar framework that can be appealing to new people in recovery, including:

  • Mandated sobriety for all clients living in the home
  • Regular drug and alcohol testing to keep housemates accountable
  • Scheduled process groups or 12-step support groups
  • A house manager who ensures that everyone is contributing to the house and staying on track with their sobriety

A sober living home aims to provide a safe and drug-free environment that facilitates your recovery. During the first months of sobriety, this can be incredibly helpful for staying on track, as you don’t have to worry about drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviors tempting you to relapse.

Good Qualities of a Sober Living Home

To find the best sober living home, you must look out for certain qualities that set them apart. Some of the best qualities of a sober living home include the following.

A Strong Peer Support System

A strong peer support system is the foundation of any effective sober living home. If you’re touring a sober living facility, ask yourself:

  • Are the people living here active in a recovery program?
  • Is everyone supporting each other, or are they just housemates?
  • Do I get along with the people living in the house?

These factors can play a significant role in your experience living in a sober living home, so do your best to interact with the people there before moving in.

Professional House Management

Who’s running the sober living home? Are they invested in the success of the house, or are they checked out and just another housemate? A professional house manager dedicated to helping people in the sober living home maintain their recovery can go a long way toward keeping the house in good order.


Having a structured routine at a sober living home lets you know what to expect and keeps everyone on the same path to recovery. Your sober living home should have specific routines that you are expected to follow, such as regular drug testing, house cleaning, or daily chores.

While this might sound like too many rules, it can significantly benefit a communal living situation.

What to Avoid at a Sober Living House

On the contrary, there are a few things you want to avoid when choosing a sober living house. If the people in the sober living house aren’t around or don’t want to meet you before moving in, they’re likely not invested in the well-being of the house. If they don’t participate in recovery, they may pull you into addictive behaviors as well.

And finally, if there’s no structure or house management, it’s hardly a sober living house—it’s just a place to pay rent.

Find a Sober Living Home with BlueCrest Recovery

At BlueCrest Recovery, we’ve seen other sober living houses struggle and set out to create a solution that will stand the test of time. To get started in our sober living house, contact our team by calling 888.292.9652 to take a tour, meet your new housemates, and start thriving in recovery.

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