What to Get Someone Sober for Christmas?

Sobriety and the Holiday Season

If you know someone who has experienced the nightmare of addiction and survived it to live a clean and sober life, then you know that the support and encouragement of their loved ones mean the world to them. Overcoming a substance addiction issue is never easy, so to do so is truly a major accomplishment and a reason to celebrate. The holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to show them that you are proud of them for all their hard work and success. Keep in mind, during the time they were in the grip of addiction, they most likely didn’t celebrate the holidays, at least not fully. Their substance use wouldn’t have allowed them to embrace the joy and peace that this time of year is known for.

Addiction likes to keep its victims completely beaten down, believing that no one could possibly care about them and that there is no hope for a normal, happy life for them. Can you imagine feeling this way every day, anytime, but especially around the holidays? Being surrounded by positive people and bright, colorful decorations while you’re dealing with a condition that only wants to destroy you would be a living nightmare – and these people have been through it and overcome it. Now it’s time to celebrate!

Embracing the Real Reason for the Season

Getting a holiday gift for those who are now clean and sober can have more of an impact on their life than you may realize. You must understand that when people are in the throes of addiction, they often don’t feel worthy of anything at all – concern, love, friendship, kindness – least of all gifts. It doesn’t matter if it’s their birthday or some other holiday; their substance use disorder makes them feel completely undeserving of anything good.

When you give them a gift, you are saying, “I care about you” and “I want you to be happy.” You may not realize it, but you will be making an impact on them far beyond the usual appreciation for receiving a present. You are helping them to realize their self-worth.

Drug addiction destroys people’s sense of self-worth. It leads them to believe that they are hopeless. The reverse can also be true: feelings of low self-esteem can be one of the factors that lead to substance use in the first place. As part of their recovery program, they will have done extensive work at building up a positive, healthy self-image. Receiving a meaningful gift from someone important to them lets them know that they are worthy of love and good things. Without realizing it, you are helping them along the way on their happy and drug-free life.

Choosing the Perfect Gift for a Newly Sober Person

When you set out to do your holiday shopping, you will want to be sure you choose the right gift for your friend or family member who is now clean and sober. Sometimes that can present a bit of a challenge. Below is a list of ten of the most popular gift choices for that sober someone on your gift list.

1. A Personalized Photo Album

Any gift that includes photos is sure to evoke memories. Taking the time to cautiously and thoughtfully choose just the right images to create a personalized photo album shows that you have a truly caring heart. You will, of course, want to choose photos that will not bring up any memories of the time when your loved ones were caught up in their addiction in order to avoid having their thoughts returned to those dark days. You will also want to avoid any pictures that depict drinking, partying or anything else that may trigger their thoughts of substance use.

Putting together a photo album is a wonderful idea. Creating a gift that shows them how much you treasure your memories together is one of the most thoughtful presents you could possibly give, and it is guaranteed to be treasured for a lifetime.

2. An Engraved Gift

Someone who has gone through detox and recovery to get clean and sober has made an enormous accomplishment. One of the nicest ways to commemorate this is with a beautiful, engraved gift. A touchstone that will always remind them that they are loved and that their recovery means a lot to someone else is a very meaningful gift. For a man, a wristwatch with a sentiment engraved on the back of the face is a great choice. An engraved wristwatch, locket, or music box will be a cherished gift for a lady. Consider choosing an important date, Bible verse, or favorite sentiment for the engraving. If there is a special phrase or saying that has a personal meaning to the two of you, it will make a perfect engraving. If you know the person’s sobriety date, having an engraved on a gift along with the words “I’m so proud of you” or simply “Congratulations!” will make the gift a perfect one.

3. A Healthy Adrenaline Rush

Many times, people will initially start using drugs because they’re looking for something daring and exciting in their lives. They get tired of the monotony of everyday living, and they crave something that will make them feel more “alive.” They usually turn to drugs for this with no thought of becoming addicted; they just want to have a little fun and excitement. Unfortunately, all too often that innocent experimentation leads to serious consequences. But there are a number of safe activities that will provide a natural adrenaline rush. Gift them with an experience such as skydiving, rock climbing, skiing, flying lessons, etc. A healthy activity that provides a rush that lets them feel alive will be a much appreciated and unforgettable experience.

4. Witty Items Related to Sobriety

Recovery from addiction is, of course, a serious subject, but it is also a huge reason to celebrate, and celebrations include smiling and laughing. It’s a happy occurrence, and it should make people feel good. Once the danger of the addiction has been dealt with and vanquished, moments of levity are sure to follow, and that is a healthy response to what the person has been through. It may take some time to get there, but the day will come when the relief of being substance-free will bring those moments. If those you are gift shopping for are at the point where they are able to see the humor in the situation, then a gift that features humorous sayings related to recovery will be greatly appreciated. It may be a T-shirt, coffee mug, framed poster, etc. As long as it suits the recipient’s personality and sense of humor, it will make a great gift.

5. A Good Book

If you have read a book that has impacted your life in a positive way or was particularly meaningful or entertaining, consider gifting a copy of the book to your newly sober friend or loved one. Books that are geared towards recovery or ways to maintain sobriety are always a good choice, but a book that takes a unique look at life with a positive perspective can also be motivational without pointedly focusing on recovery from addiction. As a special touch, include a nice bookmark and write a personal message inside the book along with the date you gifted it. The recipients will be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time they open it.

6. Gift Them a Need

One of the best gifts you can possibly give is the gift of providing for a need. This is true for anyone, but particularly for those who are very possibly working on getting their life fully back on track after being derailed by addiction. Often, people will reveal in casual conversation a need they may have, such as struggling to pay a bill, something they may need for a job, etc. They may comment about difficulty with affording gas to get to and from work or appointments, needing new clothes, or needing car repairs or something important repaired around the house. Pay attention to their words, and the idea for a perfect gift will present itself.

7. Yoga Classes

One of the most important facets of recovery is finding healthy activities that make people feel good. Yoga fits that description perfectly, and anyone can do it. It’s a form of gentle exercise that has been practiced for centuries around the world. Experts have discovered that it has a very positive impact on individuals as they go through the recovery process. It imparts a number of physical and mental health benefits. For these reasons, many recovery programs have incorporated yoga into their therapy programs to provide a plethora of health benefits to clients. Give the gift of yoga classes as a wonderful way for your friend or loved one to remain healthy and happy.

8. Guided Meditation Lessons

Here’s a gift that will be appreciated for its lifelong benefits. Addiction robs the sufferer of many things, including the ability to mentally focus, concentrate, relax, unclutter the mind, and allow emotions to be processed in a calm, non-stressful way. Guided meditation teaches ways to restore all those abilities or to learn them for the first time in a peaceful way. It teaches the process of taking control of oneself in a calm, healthy manner. Anyone recovering from addiction will love such a thoughtful gift.

9. A Gratitude Journal

The road to and beyond recovery can often include some rocky footing. This can lead to moments of stress and self-doubt. When this happens, a gratitude journal is just the thing to help people. It allows them to take a few moments and look back to see, in their own words, how far they’ve come in their recovery and how much they have to be thankful for. A gratitude journal is a place to record everything that there is to be grateful for, no matter how small a thing it may seem. It’s an integral part of the recovery process. A gift like this can be a powerful tool for people because it gives them a way to keep track and always have a go-to spot to be reminded of everything they have accomplished. It shows them that they are truly a survivor.

10. A One-of-a-Kind Gift

Those you are choosing a holiday gift for are one of a kind, so choose a gift for them that is just as unique as they are. The internet provides a way to search the entire world over for a gift that will show your friend or loved one just how unique and special they are to you. Think about the things they like and then go on an online hunt for artwork, jewelry, home decor pieces, anything that will let them know how much you value who they are and that they are a cherished part of your world.

No Matter the Season, Help Is Here

For anyone who is dealing with a substance use disorder, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. We’re here to help. At BlueCrest Recovery Center, we want to see everyone succeed and live a life free from the grip of addiction. Our clients are our number one priority, and helping them through every step of the recovery process successfully is our main focus. No one should ever have to face the battle alone, and our staff of caring, compassionate specialists and team members are here to make sure that our clients know that they are never alone and that there is hope for absolutely everyone. We are in this together every day, every step of the way.

If you or someone you know is battling addiction, please contact BlueCrest Recovery Center right away and let us help.

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