What Is the Holistic Approach to Recovery?

When healing from an addiction, treating the symptoms of substance abuse is not enough. You also have to consider whole-body wellness, which is what a holistic approach to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment can offer.

BlueCrest Recovery offers holistic care when you contact our caring and compassionate team at 888.292.9652. But what is the holistic approach, and what benefits can it offer?

What Is the Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment?

The holistic approach to recovery refers to non-medical treatments that focus on addressing all aspects of a person, mind, body, and soul.

As you get help for the physical symptoms of addiction, it’s crucial to remember that you’re a whole person. That’s why aligning all aspects of yourself can help create the balance you need to attain and maintain sobriety.

Holistic therapies vary but can include the following:

  • Yoga therapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Art therapy
  • Pet therapy

The holistic approach to addiction recovery is always personalized. At our center, we carefully plan the treatments we offer you, selecting only those that benefit you most.

Each method helps with areas you may struggle with, like emotional regulation, spiritual development, obsessive thoughts, and much more. When combined with standard addiction treatment, holistic therapies provide extra care.

Benefits of the Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery

Holistic therapies can help you better understand addiction. You can delve deeper into what may have caused the problem and find ways to incorporate mindfulness and stress-relieving techniques into your talk therapy sessions.

You can also start to see yourself as a whole person. You are more than just your addiction, but for a long time, you likely didn’t see past the substance abuse. Holistic therapies can help you reintroduce yourself to yourself.

With holistic therapies, you may even discover interests and passions you may not have known you had. Not only does this help you understand yourself better, but it can also function as an anchor, giving you something to hold on to when dealing with powerful emotions or stressful situations.

The holistic approach to addiction recovery can also help avoid isolation. Isolation is a significant concern when going through an active addiction and when recovering from one.

You may be unsure how to speak with loved ones, leaving you alone. With holistic therapies, you can engage with others as you participate in the offered activities, removing that crucial trigger: loneliness.

How Our Team Can Help You Through Addiction Treatment

Our center offers many treatment programs to help you recover from an addiction. We provide a high level of care in programs like our partial care program, which requires many hours of treatment each week.

One step down from that is our intensive outpatient program, with fewer hours but the same intense individual and group therapy sessions. Below that is standard outpatient treatment, offering more independence and allowing you to start wading back into your daily life.

Because we know that completing a structured treatment program doesn’t mean you don’t need support, we also offer alumni services to help you keep up with your recovery. Throughout all our programs, we offer individual and group therapy sessions, along with family and holistic therapies.

Find a Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery in New Jersey at BlueCrest Recovery

If you’re struggling with addiction, we are here to guide you every step of the way. With our many treatment programs and our blend of traditional and holistic therapies, we can offer the whole-person approach to care that you deserve. Don’t wait to get yourself back on track. Speak with our caring and compassionate admissions team today by contacting BlueCrest Recovery at 888.292.9652.

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