How a Traumatic Childhood and Low Self-Esteem Can Lead to Addiction

Why do people start to take drugs? Often, there is a reason that someone takes that puff of a cigarette, their first drink in high school, or harder drugs. Most people who have taken drugs describe that their “highs” numb the pain of everyday life. However, those who are dedicated to recovery, and especially those who have support from loved ones, can and do recover after attending substance abuse treatment.

Low self-esteem and addiction are linked, and it’s rare for addicts to feel completely comfortable with their lives and feel as though they are reaching their potentials. After all, self-esteem means to have a high opinion of yourself, and how is that fully achievable for an addict? In fact, addicts often lose sight of who they are, as their lives revolve around that next hit, the next high, or the next drink. Nothing else matters but the substance.

What causes low self-esteem, and how does low self-esteem lead to substance abuse?

A Traumatic Childhood Can Lead to Drug Abuse

The values instilled in children last a lifetime. If the home environment is chaotic or abusive, the child often feels helpless or worthless. This child mayDrug Abuse from Traumatic Childhood look for acceptance among their peers, and peer pressure is more tempting when someone has low self-esteem. These individuals become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, yet they may not feel they have low self-esteem. However, many would say they are depressed and want to use drugs to cope with daily life.

Unfortunately, that feeling of invincibility doesn’t last. The hangover kicks in the next day or the addicts run out of the funds to get their next hit or the negative effects of being addicts simply catch up with them. In short, the honeymoon ends after those first few highs. It is a self-defeating coping mechanism.

Using alcohol or drugs to cope with the ongoing suffering from an abusive upbringing may dull the memories of feeling not good enough—whether it was the individual’s parents or peers that caused the pain and suffering.

The sad truth is that many young people suffer from traumatic childhoods. Whether it was the mother who was also an addict and gave a poor example to her children or the bullies who picked on the child or other feelings of inadequacy, these thoughts can linger for years. A quick “buzz” or high can seem very attractive to someone who feels depressed or worthless.

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