The Strategy of How Cocaine and Crack Dealers Keep Their Patrons Addicted

Drugs are a lucrative business. A White House report revealed that, between 2000 and 2010, Americans purchased approximately $1 trillion of illegal substances.1 When you’re in the drug-dealing business, you can’t advertise on TV or in the newspaper as other businesses do. Yet, like any other business, you have to know your products, and then find creative ways to keep customers buying.

They Target Who They Already Know

Crack dealers need to find the right customers, not just anyone. That’s why they’ll usually not sell to people who are strangers. Because friends are closer to them than most people, dealers can tell whether or not their product will be effective. In fact, the majority of cocaine dealers will only sell to people they already know.

They Spend More Energy on Existing Patrons

One of the golden rules of business is that you can make more money, and make it more easily, by selling to those who have bought from you before. Crack and cocaine dealers exploit this strategy by spending their energy on existing customers, who get the best treatment and the highest quality products. They do this because they know this is the best way to get repeat business.

They Know That Word-of-Mouth is King

Even with all the modern technology available, in this day and age, word-of-mouth is still the most effective way for businesses to market their products. To sell cocaine or crack, all a dealer needs to do is make sure the right people get the highest-quality product and, before long, they will tell others about it.

They Understand Psychology

Dealers get that their customers are attracted to certain things. For example, if a cocaine dealer’s customers are into designer clothes and accessories, they might stick attractive labels onto the baggies of cocaine they sell.

Another way dealers use psychology is to make their patrons think they’re getting more of the drug they crave for less money. One method of doing this is to put high-quality coke into smaller baggies and sell them for more than the typical cost. This is usually easy to get away with because the product is so good that people don’t mind paying more for it or they don’t care.

They Know When to Stop

addiction way out problem signUnlike their patrons, who can easily and quickly become addicted to their products, drug dealers know when it’s time to stop offering high-quality crack. Why would a dealer do this? Because, if their customers get addicted to the high-quality stuff, they will keep wanting more of it, which will cost the dealer money. It’s much more profitable, over the long-term, to lessen the quality of the cocaine they sell because this ensures customers will come back more often.

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