The Cost of Drug Addiction

The Cost of Drug Addiction Infographic

From the human body to wider society, drugs leave their mark on every aspect of life. What might seem to some as a harmless pastime is a largely illegal industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars—an industry that stretches across the world, shaping and damaging the lives of everyone that comes in contact with it.

It’s difficult to estimate just how much the illicit drug trade costs in terms of life, health, and the negative impact on our social fabric, but, due to the malignant nature of addictive substances, those who are stuck in a cycle of drug abuse may never realize just how much damage they are causing or even believe it relates to them.

For someone in the grips of drug addiction, it can be difficult to see a way out or even find the will to take the first step. If they could only know just how much an addiction costs, though, it might inspire them to take a chance, reach out, and believe in change. Read this infographic, inform yourself, and share it with a loved one. It might just save a life.

The Cost of Drug Addiction Infographic

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