How to Select the Best Alcohol or Drug Rehabilitation Program

The critical first step, and probably the hardest, is facing the reality that you or your loved one needs professional help for alcohol or substance abuse. Making this decision can be daunting, but, with a little bit of research and soul-searching, you will find the best rehab center to guide you through recovery and to a healthier you.

Here are five things to consider when selecting a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program:

  1. Qualifications. Not every rehabilitation program is created equally. Finding an accredited and reputable facility with professional and experienced staff should be your first priority. Interview the people you will be trusting (and paying) to help you on your journey. If the facility isn’t local, request a Skype meeting. Reviews and referrals are also a great way to get firsthand knowledge from past patients.
  1. Cost. Rehab facilities can cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insurance may or may not pick up the tab for the type of program that will best ensure your loved ones or your success. Depending on the stay, location, and amenities, costs can vary substantially. There’s no cost too great to secure a healthy, sober life, but keep in mind the budget and your means of payment. Talk with your top choice facilities about payment options, sliding scales, and financing.
  1. Program. Behavioral, motivational, 12-step, and holistic therapies are utilized in various treatment programs and in various ways. Finding the best recipe for healing is critical to achieving successful recovery. Seek a program that caters to the patient’s specific needs and adapts as those needs change throughout treatment. The right rehabilitation program will be equipped to help you recover from the destructive cycle of alcohol and drug abuse and live a productive, sober life.
  1. Alcohol Substance AbuseLocation. A mountain retreat, a beachside cottage, a tranquil farm—rehab facilities are everywhere. The overall quality of the program and staff are the most important factors in selecting a facility, but the location can contribute to your success as well. Travel and transportation costs and proximity to the professionals for aftercare are important details to consider when deciding the best location.
  1. Amenities. Yoga instructors are one of the few perks offered at the more elite rehab centers. It is important to determine the essential amenities that you can’t do without and then narrow your search with those details in mind. If a detox facility is needed, make sure that’s available. Most rehabs offer a menu of add-on services so be sure to ask for detailed pricing. Having a clear understanding of the amenities available to you or your loved one will be a great comfort as you settle in.

If it’s time for you to ask for help, BlueCrest Recovery Center is ready to guide you on your journey to recovery. With genuine care and hope, our qualified and experienced professionals will help you transform your life and end the cycle of abuse. Call (973) 453-5384 today.

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