Who Seeks Addiction Treatment?

Seek Addiction Treatment

No matter how much we want to deny it, substance abuse is a problem that is only getting worse. Almost 20 million Americans are substance abusers, and over 72,000 people die from drug overdoses. Even worse, over 90 percent of addicts don’t get treatment.

A large part of this is because addicts have to seek addiction treatment first. There are a lot of reasons addicts might not seek treatment:

  • They might be ashamed to admit they have a substance abuse problem.
  • They might not be ready to stop using.
  • They might not believe they have a problem.

When addicts do decide to seek treatment, though, they are taking a courageous first step. Admitting you have a problem that is beyond your ability to solve requires a level of courage and humility a lot of people won’t have attained.

If you’re an addict and you decide to find treatment that is right for you, reach out to your network. They can help you find a treatment plan that is right for you. You may also want to visit your family doctor and see if he or she has any recommendations.

Getting treated for addiction is tough, but it can make your life immeasurably better. For more information, read the following infographic.

How to Seek Addiction Treatment Infographic

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