How Family Therapy Can Help Recovery

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person who’s misusing drugs or alcohol. It also affects their families, friends, spouses, and communities. While addiction can damage these bonds, professional help like BlueCrest Recovery’s family therapy in New Jersey can help repair them and forge a stable source of support during one’s recovery. Contact our team online or call 888.292.9652 to get started today on a family therapy program for recovery.

About Family Counseling for Recovery

Family therapy for recovery is an integral part of a holistic addiction treatment program. Overcoming addiction is about much more than abstinence alone; it’s about learning to live a life in recovery, which often takes a concerted effort to repair damaged relationships, build new communication skills, and find new ways of dealing with stressful situations.

Family counseling for recovery can help with all of these distinct goals. A family therapist has a specialized set of skills that will benefit both the person struggling with addiction and their family members start down the path to recovery together, strengthening the family unit as a whole.

How Family Therapy Works

It is essential to understand that the work done in family therapy is for both the person struggling with addiction as well as their family members. A family therapist will attempt to bring the family into the recovery process to bolster support and accountability for the person in recovery.

Typically, the family therapist has a few key goals, which are as follows:

  • To identify elements of the family relationship that could be harmful or beneficial to the recovery process
  • To determine whether there are substantial communication issues within a family unit
  • To examine the structures and power dynamics within a family that can influence recovery
  • To uncover any relationship issues that substance use disorders have caused

They can quickly ascertain the details necessary to achieve these goals by simply meeting with a family, discussing their home life, and discussing the pathway to recovery. A family therapy program for recovery is led by a trained family therapist who will use evidence-based therapy techniques to help families work through the recovery process together.

With the information they gather, the therapist can develop a plan to help the family move forward from the harm that addiction can bring and pave the way toward a better life in recovery. In addition, they can help families begin to heal from conflict or trust issues that have arisen from a substance use disorder. By repairing these bonds, the entire family can take steps toward more significant mental health, cohesion, and support for one another.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Some of the key benefits of family therapy include the following:

  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Building family support for recovery
  • Guiding family members toward a focus on their own mental health and well-being
  • Repairing damaged relationships
  • Providing education to family members about addiction and the recovery process
  • Showing family members how they can help

Family therapy for recovery can substantially increase the likelihood of long-term abstinence. It has long been considered an evidence-based practice for treating addiction and improving the mental health of family members as well. For those who have never sought family counseling for recovery, it may be one of the essential steps toward securing a lasting recovery.

Enroll in a Family Therapy Program at BlueCrest Recovery

Overcoming an addiction is never easy, but it is possible, and with the help of our team of addiction experts, you can make progress. Family counseling for recovery is just one element of our comprehensive addiction treatment program. If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, contact BlueCrest Recovery online or call 888.292.9652 for a no-obligation consultation about the expansive addiction treatment services we offer in New Jersey.

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