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As parents we strive to instill our cherished values and hopes into our children’s lives. The journey of childhood development into adulthood requires that we frequently provide our children with the emotional and spiritual eyesight that they have not yet fully developed. Watching them flourish fills our hearts with the pure joy of parenting. Seeing them struggle unsuccessfully creates a sense of powerlessness that can overwhelm our very core. When addiction enters a family’s domain parents can be paralyzed with fear and can struggle with which direction to proceed. Despite our best efforts we can arrive at crossroads where we are uncertain as to which direction we should choose for our children and ourselves.

The natural tendency of any parent to focus upon strengths while struggling with denial over substance abuse is a common dynamic. Knowing when and how to cope with our own rational or irrational denial takes insight and at times professional help. For parents, reaching out toward professional help can be a daunting prospect. Feelings of failure can often overpower the necessity for guidance. BlueCrest has the experience and can provide the support necessary to help any parent or loved one of a person struggling with addiction. We understand how difficult reaching toward help can be and we will respect and provide support to any person seeking help.

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You guys care, you really do. This isn’t just a machine.

I feel like I’ve found somebody that was long lost and I’m still finding that person, and it’s a journey that I’m welcoming. I’ve gotten my life back and I’ve gotten my soul back.

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