Exercise and Its Astounding Impact on Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction is deadly, and beating that addiction can be tough. Even with the aid of a rehabilitation center, people in recovery can still relapse.

This is where exercise comes in. Incorporating a fitness regimen into the recovery process can help reduce the chances of a relapse.

Exercise helps reduce the chances of a relapse by playing on the reward centers of the brain that may have been affected by drugs. If the reward centers of the brain can be satiated by the endorphins released during exercise, there is less of a chance someone will return to drugs to get that reward.

Of course, exercise also involves a physical component, something that is lacking in most addicts’ lives. Many patients admitted to rehab have expressed interest in a personalized workout. This desire to exercise increases the odds that the patient will continue to exercise and will keep triggering the endorphin reward.

Addiction is difficult to overcome. Fortunately, outpatient treatment at BlueCrest Recovery Center can help. A treatment plan that includes a personalized fitness plan can help patients to live a full, substance-free life.

Exercise and Addiction Recovery Infographic

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