Drug Detox for Withdrawal Management


We remain committed to expert care, evidence-based therapy, and a recovery focused on Mind, Body, and Spirit across all treatment programs at BlueCrest. Additionally, each program incorporates individual, group, and family therapy to ensure that recovery becomes a process built on a caring and supportive community, not isolation or stigma.

Individuals suffering from acute alcohol and drug addiction should undergo a medically monitored detoxification program prior to admittance into a structured Outpatient Program. Ensuring a safe withdrawal process is an important and vital part in establishing sobriety. Here at BlueCrest, we will be happy to arranging care for your detoxification needs, or the needs of your loved one.

We are aware that detoxing from your substance of choice is a scary and intimidating process. We are here to assist you in finding the appropriate approach, in an appropriate environment. The goal is for you to experience the safest detox course possible. Our clinicians and treatment team is prepared to answer any and all questions you have regarding the process of detoxification.

We want to make it clear that detoxing from an addictive substance and being released from the facility does not ensure sustainable sobriety. Detox is the processes of eliminating the body of toxins and an overhaul of substances that has led to different stages of addiction and withdrawal for each person. It is the very first step towards sobriety but not the final by any means.

A trustworthy detox program offers clients physiological healing in a closely monitored environment where qualified doctors, nurses, and therapists can stabilize the patient to avoid the unpleasant and sometimes fatal consequences due to the use and abuse of substances. It is not an all-encompassing treatment program. Addiction is both physiological and psychological. Follow-up care with an outpatient facility will give each addict the optimum opportunity to remain sober. For optimum results, BlueCrest Recovery Center offers structured outpatient treatment programs that cater to numerous levels of care.

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