Benefits of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery

Spirituality in addiction recovery can be an incredibly valuable tool in helping you reach your goal of sobriety. The benefits of spirituality in treating addiction are hard to overstate—so get started with spiritual addiction treatment in New Jersey at BlueCrest Recovery by contacting our team online or calling 888.292.9652.

Spirituality and Addiction

One of the biggest challenges that people struggling with substance use disorders (SUDs) face is a lack of purpose and meaning in their lives.

When you’re living with an addiction, drugs or alcohol can often fill that gap, but only temporarily. And when the drugs wear off, the gap can seem more comprehensive than ever before. This can quickly lead to a destructive spiral, where people are left constantly trying to fill a void in themselves with addictive substances. For many people, finding a connection to their spirituality in addiction recovery can fill that void and be an essential component of a holistic addiction treatment plan.

But spirituality and addiction recovery are thoroughly linked as well. Some of the most lasting and successful programs for helping people recover from substance use disorders are definitively spiritual approaches, emphasizing reliance on or connection to a higher power. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are two such recovery groups that have helped millions of people recover.

The Benefits of Spiritual Addiction Treatment

Understanding how spirituality and addiction are connected, it’s easy to see how the benefits of spirituality can be helpful when trying to get sober. Some of the most significant benefits of spiritual addiction treatment include:

  • Finding purpose – Starting a spiritual journey can give your life meaning and provide people with a path to self-improvement that they can truly dedicate themselves to.
  • Building community – Spiritual communities can be one of the most potent sources of support and accountability for people new to recovery—two essential ingredients for lasting success.
  • Connecting with values – A spiritual practice is grounded in morality, guidance, and values. Living by these principles can help you flourish on your path to spirituality and stay sober.
  • Self-compassion – A spiritual path can help people heal from the damage they wrought during their addiction and learn to show compassion for themselves despite their past misconduct.

The important thing to recognize about incorporating spirituality into your recovery is that substance use disorders can affect nearly every aspect of your life. Abstinence alone typically isn’t sufficient for people to become happy and fulfilled, but by treating your spirit, as well as your body and your mind, you can find holistic recovery.

Finding Your Spirituality

We understand that not everyone who comes to our program is religious or has a spiritual practice they hope to return to. Furthermore, finding a higher power isn’t necessary to achieve recovery.

However, incorporating spiritual practices into your recovery program can significantly benefit you—even if you have doubts. Research has shown tremendous benefits for people who travel a spiritual path to recovery, and specific methods from spiritual practices have shown incredible scientific benefits.

Breaking free from addiction is hard work, and trying new things can often be just what you need to recover. Spiritual addiction treatment can help you connect with your spirituality, find what’s meaningful to you, and help you to stay sober.

Start Addiction Treatment at BlueCrest Recovery Today

At BlueCrest Recovery, our comprehensive addiction treatment programs cover every aspect of evidence-based recovery. From medical detox to individual and group therapy to spiritual recovery practices, our center has been carefully cultivated to give you the best chance of lasting success. Contact our team online or call 888.292.9652 to learn more about our programs and get the help you need to break free from addiction today.

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