Be A Ninja

As a child growing up, regardless of where you went to school, you were undoubtedly asked the question: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  For many, the answers were the usual policeman, fireman, teacher, doctor, etc.  If you were like me, you wanted to be a ninja.  I am pretty confident that nobody when questioned, answered with something like “when I grow up I want to be a heroin addict.”  And yet it happened.

Due to circumstances and the crippling grips of the disease of addiction, there are many people faced with that reality.  Maybe they thought that it was just the flu, or they were just really tired only to find out that this tiny little bag of powdery poison was now making its users sick to the point that just stopping was no longer an option.  What started as a fun thing (listen folks getting high starts as fun.  If it didn’t, we wouldn’t do it) has now become a full-time job with overtime just to avoid being sick.  The fun stopped and the daily struggle to just “normalize” is the sole focus.

Unfortunately, that is not enough.  In a sick and cruel twist, New Jersey, who already has the dubious distinction of having good heroin, is seeing a significant increase in overdose deaths due to an even more potent and deadly combination of heroin and fentanyl.  Unsuspecting users are going about their daily rituals of scraping up money either legally or illegally to avoid getting sick and are finding themselves on the losing end of a concoction of these two deadly drugs.  Sadly, many cannot be reversed with Narcan, even if they were fortunate enough to be found in time.  More than 50,000 people died last year from drug addiction.

But there is hope.  There is help.  Contact us today and we can get you placed into detox and then post-detox treatment so you do not have to live the life of a heroin addict playing Russian roulette with your life.  You can answer that question again then, and truly focus on your goals and dreams.  Maybe you will be a ninja.  You are worth it.

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