5 Benefits of Living Life Free from Hangovers and Withdrawal

Whether you’re just beginning your recovery journey or have been on it a while, there’s no doubt that you’ve experienced some ups and downs. A common struggle during substance abuse treatment is feeling that being successful at achieving lifelong sobriety is impossible. No matter where you are in your journey to recovery, remembering these benefits of sobriety can help you stay focused on your goals for a healthier life.

1. Improved Mental and Physical Health

In the first few months of recovery, you’ll probably experience a wide range of emotions, due to the fact that drugs or alcohol are no longer there to numb them. However, after several months, your emotions will stabilize. Many in recovery speak of the joy of rediscovering their emotions and of how wonderful even the smallest things about life can be.

Although it may not feel like it, your physical health also begins to improve within the first 24 hours after having stopped using. As your body continues to experience sobriety, and you feel better, you may find yourself doing things to support this, such as exercising, eating healthier, and getting more sleep, and all of these will remind you of how good sobriety feels.

2. Improved Relationships

As you continue recovery, repairing and nourishing your personal relationships will become the priority. Those who have been on their journey for a number of years describe their delight in rediscovering friends and family, and the joy they feel in being able to enjoy a fulfilling connection with those they love.

3. More Money

Addiction costs more and more money as it progresses. However, once recovery becomes a way of life, you’ll realize you have far more money now than when you were using. Not only that, but your view of the value of money will also change; you will have a better understanding of how it can be used to directly benefit your life, such as when you invest in recovery.

4. A Clean Conscience

friends eating ice-creamPutting addiction behind you will also mean having no more shame or guilt. Where you may once have had to steal, cheat, or lie in order to keep using, and had to constantly bear the weight of these actions, sobriety will make this a thing of the past. You will no longer have to punish yourself; instead, you can face each day secure in the knowledge that you are able to live life on your own terms without hurting anyone.

5. More Fun

Those who have maintained sobriety for years often report how much fun they are now able to have. Instead of using to have fun, they are now exploring life through the eyes, ears, and heart of sobriety, revealing a wealth of new and enjoyable experiences.

Feeling better is one of the best gifts of sobriety. BlueCrest Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient program allows you to continue your daily life while giving you the tools you need to feel your best at every step of your journey. Discover more about our rehab facilities by calling 888.292.9652.

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