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Outpatient Program

New Jersey Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Clients will have access to outpatient recovery services that excel in assisting with implementing early recovery goals structured through individual counseling.   At this level of care clients will have full access to individual sessions that will provide an arena to privately discuss and process specific issues that may prevent a client from maintaining sobriety.

During this phase of treatment a client will begin to identify and employ specific strengths and talents that he or she possesses.   A fuller integration of recovery tools previously learned begins to take place resulting in a positive and satisfying lifestyle.   A concrete aftercare plan is developed in anticipation of reaching towards services that will support a client’s sobriety in the most effective manner.  A client’s perspective begins to transition from having to recover into wanting to recover.    Frequently at the outpatient level of care a client finds that motivation enters into their daily lives leading to the spiritual life that recovery