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Intensive Outpatient

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in New Jersey

We have two IOP sessions that both meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from either 9AM-12PM or 6PM-9PM. At this level of care counselors can continue to specialize each client’s treatment plan.  A fuller exploration of relationship conflicts is promoted during this time.  Skill building in this area is essential and each client will have the opportunity to integrate 4th and 5th step inventories into this area of treatment.  We will learn to identify how fears and resentments have dictated addictive behaviors in the past and how to effectively treat these issues and move forward with more satisfying relationships.  Integrating our spiritual and psychological skills will be encouraged at this level.  Practical applications in daily life will be processed in a continual manner and clients will be encouraged to have open and honest discussion consistently in this area.  The deepening of a more mindful way of living as well as introducing meditation in a consistent manner are foundations of treatment at the IOP level.

Refining dialectical behavioral therapy skills, utilizing aspects of motivational interviewing, and a more thorough entry into the 12-step process, will again support this work.  Clients will learn how all specific aspects of the 12-step process become integrated into more satisfying recoveries.  Clients will continue to have ongoing access to both individual and family sessions.   We at BlueCrest will try our best to encourage groups to be lively and engaging, incorporating fun into our approaches will be a key aspect to all of our treatment.