Richard S. Hession

Chief Executive Officer, Interventionist, Co-Founder

Richard Hession of BlueCrest Recovery Center

After shepherding one of his first sponsees into recovery, the man (who is still sober 20 years later) asked him to interview with Merril Lynch, for an Associate Vice President position in Foreign Exchange. He almost turned down the opportunity. He didn’t want the hand out. After all, he didn’t possess the pedigree that so many of the men interviewing had. He hadn’t gone to Harvard or Yale. He didn’t obtain a degree from a prestigious college where he’d have been lectured on the inner workings of Wall Street and the American economy as a whole.

But there was something he did have, something that was blatantly obvious to anyone he came in contact with—passion. And passion, in any field…is indispensable. It determines the difference between failure, and success. Richard’s humble acceptance of that job offer began his tremendously successful occupational career as a foreign exchange trader in New York City working his way up to Director. It was Divine Intervention that placed Richard in the fortunate circumstances he found himself. Twenty years later, that same Divine Intervention has come full circle. But this time, Richard is returning to his first passion. You and your loved ones.

While Wall Street gave him unbelievable gifts and a life he never dreamed imaginable, it began only because of his dedication to recovery and his dedication to helping others toward their own personal success. While working with addicts over the last twenty years, he’s become known for his ability to get through to even the most obstinate addicts. He specializes in working with recovering alcoholics and addicts with resistant behaviors, multiple relapses, criminal records, and general graduates from the school of hard knocks.

Richard’s experience as a trader gave him the interpersonal skills needed to effectively reach even the hardest cases. His work in sales gives him an edge and the ability to talk down even the most erratic substance abusers. His goal is to create a solid foundation for clients and a smooth and easy transition into treatment. As a Hightower trained Interventionist, Richard Hession has the ability to effectively reach active substance abusers— in a way most cannot. His enthusiasm and passion not only makes clients willing to receive treatment, but offers them immeasurable hope needed to peruse permanent sobriety.

You guys care, you really do. This isn’t just a machine.

I feel like I’ve found somebody that was long lost and I’m still finding that person, and it’s a journey that I’m welcoming. I’ve gotten my life back and I’ve gotten my soul back.

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