How to Support a Man in Active Addiction

If you’re concerned about a man in active addiction, you likely often wonder how you can help support him. You can do several things to help him through his addiction-related struggles, although the most beneficial methods will depend on the man’s specific needs.

This is where BlueCrest Recovery in New Jersey men’s rehab center shines. Rehab centers that offer support for men in addiction by providing comprehensive therapy programs can make all the difference.

Addiction is a complex disease, and trying to help a man in active addiction can be challenging. To learn more about how a men’s rehabilitation program can help someone you care about, contact BlueCrest Recovery at 888.292.9652.

Providing Support for Men in Addiction

Addiction can be hard to understand, especially when it affects someone you care about. But it’s important to remember that help is available, and the first step in supporting him is to learn about addiction.

Addiction is not a failure of morality on his part. Instead, it’s a type of recurring mental disease. Your unwavering support is critical to his success in seeking help, pulling through treatment, and achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Encourage Him to Seek Help

One of the best ways to support a man in active addiction is to encourage him to seek help from a rehabilitation treatment center.

There are many outstanding men’s treatment programs that cater to the unique needs and challenges that characterize men’s mental health and addiction. These programs have high success rates and can change lives for the better.

Help Him Create a Recovery Plan

Once a man in active addiction realizes he needs help, you can support him by assisting him in creating a plan for recovery. Every recovery plan should include the following:

  • Finding a suitable treatment program
  • Setting attainable goals
  • Accompanying him to appointments and support groups

Many support groups are also available for people with loved ones in active addiction, so consider seeking and joining one to access additional information, resources, and support.

Be There for Him

One of the most impactful ways to help a man in active addiction is to make sure he knows he’s not alone.

Ask him directly what you can do to provide support, and check in with him frequently to see how he’s feeling. When he talks about his feelings, struggles, and victories, remember that one of the best things you can do to help is simply to listen.

Being there for him can also mean helping improve his chances of reaching and sustaining sobriety. For example, you can try to learn what some of his biggest triggers are and do what you can to minimize his exposure to them.

Educate Yourself

The better you understand addiction and its underpinnings, the better you can help him navigate the different pathways to recovery. Familiarizing yourself with proper terms to avoid stigmatizing language and staying up to date on the latest addiction research can help you address his situation in positive and supportive ways.

For example, if he’s addicted to opioids, you might consider enrolling in a training course for administering Narcan, an opioid overdose reversal medication. Regardless of what he’s addicted to, you can support him by learning and watching for signs of relapse or overdose.

Help for Men in Addiction at BlueCrest Recovery

Many addictions require professional intervention and treatment to be overcome, especially when withdrawal symptoms are dangerous. Addiction often occurs alongside other mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or personality disorders, so professional dual diagnosis treatment may be necessary.

As you seek help for men in addiction, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself, too. To learn more about professional treatment for men’s addiction, contact BlueCrest Recovery at 888.292.9652.

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