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For You

Welcome to BlueCrest Recovery Center.  We are a treatment facility for adults that specialize in substance abuse treatment and co-occurring disorders.  Moving towards the healing process can be a frightening endeavor without the suitable combination of insight, effort and compassion into the therapeutic process.   Helping and guiding a person through this crucial first step becomes the foundation of the recovery process.   An individual’s initial attempt in obtaining treatment needs to be met with competency and confidence by the receiving professional.   Training and experience of counselors are the prerequisites to any success within the recovery process.    An individual or family should never feel that they must settle for treatment that does not live up to rigorous standards.

We at BlueCrest will acknowledge with honor and support any client’s motivation towards seeking treatment for active substance abuse and any existing co-occurring disorder that can complicate the recovery process.  Such a decision is never easy yet we understand how recovery from active substance abuse, with caring and supportive treatment, can lead to sobriety and a fulfilled life.

The BlueCrest premise begins with a respectful and engaging assessment process that allows for the creation of a positive therapeutic relationship based in openness and professionalism. We understand the importance of professional treatment that consists of highly trained clinicians and solid program development. Our approach welcomes the natural resistances that most people feel when attempting sobriety.   Individual spirituality is the baseline of our program.  Our hybrid clinical approach of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills training, traditional Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and 12-step supportive treatment ensure a client with access to the highest levels of substance abuse treatment.  Our counselors also understand the importance of their own ongoing inspection of their individual responses (counter-transference) to our clients attempt at recovery.  In a partnership with our clients, we will work together in a loving and supportive manner towards successful personalized recoveries that provide bridges to loving relationships and goals finally achieved.