Family Therapy

Restoring Hope. Restoring Lives.

Therapy For The Family

Therapeutic care for the family of a substance abuser is just as important as care for the addicted individual. Here at BlueCrest Recovery Center, the family is invited to take place in their loved ones treatment, as well as asked to participate in treatment for their own individual needs.

Family members of addicts struggle with the overall family addiction that becomes established during the addict’s active abuse. This also occurs while attempting to help them into treatment, as well as during each stage of their loved one recovering. Here at BlueCrest we address the family disease—the emotional care and needs that come along with the sometimes devastating affects addiction has placed on the family.

Addressing, mending, and bridging the gap between close family members and/or friends of the addict is an important piece of addiction treatment. Our individualized treatment plans are constructed to assist the family in recovering from codependency and created to provide addiction education to willing participants. Involvement is by no means required, but strongly encouraged. Clients will have access to both individual and small group family counseling sessions at BlueCrest. Both of these approaches will ensure that families can begin the healing process  as their loved ones begin their recoveries in earnest.

By participating in your loved ones treatment you may receive education regarding codependency, dysfunctional family patterns and enabling. Family treatment diminished the addicts risk for possible relapse and adds another security element to the process of recovery.

Here at BlueCrest we understand that each family has their own story, and their own personal struggles. Which is why our clinicians will develop an appropriate treatment plan that caters to the needs of your family.