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People suffering from substance abuse aren’t simply struggling with a physical addiction. Instead, they are coping with a much more complicated process that affects them mentally, physically, and spiritually. For this reason, we have created a three-part treatment program designed to help heal each component of their lives that has been changed by addiction.

Moving toward the healing process can be frightening without sufficient insight into the therapeutic process. Helping and guiding a person through this crucial first step becomes the foundation of our recovery process.

An individual’s initial attempt at obtaining treatment needs to be met with competency and confidence by receiving professionals.  The professional credentials and real life experiences of clinical staff are key to our clients’ successful recovery.

The BlueCrest promise begins with a respectful and engaging assessment process that fosters a therapeutic relationship rooted in respect, openness and professionalism. If a decision is made to participate in BlueCrest’s program, we will utilize group, individual, and family therapy to assist clients on their journey in recovery.

BlueCrest Recovery Center utilizes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12-Step Recovery Model, Psychodynamic and Motivational Interviewing techniques at all levels of care. Our clinical director is a trained Psychoanalyst and Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has developed the programming and personally supervises all clinical operations.

BlueCrest Recovery Center promotes an eclectic spiritual perspective customized for each client. The assimilation of spiritual and psychological approaches provides the necessary balance of these two features to any successful recovery.

We believe that trust is only earned by treatment that is therapeutically sound and based in hope. To reach each person’s heart, recovery services must come from the heart.

You guys care, you really do. This isn’t just a machine.

I feel like I’ve found somebody that was long lost and I’m still finding that person, and it’s a journey that I’m welcoming. I’ve gotten my life back and I’ve gotten my soul back.

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