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Intervention Services

Hightower Trained Interventionists:

Here at BlueCrest Recovery Center we offer Intervention Services through Hightower trained Interventionists. These services are for families and friends who have struggled with getting their loved one into treatment. BlueCrest Recovery Center’s Intervention Program is designed as a structured, solution-oriented process. A successful intervention is not created as a confrontation but more as an opportunity for an individual with a substance abuse problem to accept help in order to obtain treatment.

Hightower Associates is the exclusive provider to the NFL Players Association. Making them a prestigious, well known and trusted organization for Intervention services. As a Hightower trained Interventionists, BlueCrest Recovery Center takes what we do very seriously, making certain that your family is provided the best possible service. We are aware that you are calling upon us to help with a devastating situation. That you have most likely exhausted all means of getting your loved one into treatment. We understand that much has transpired prior to our becoming involved in the circumstances and we understand the efforts that have been made and respectfully enter into this process in an effort to assist you in reaching a positive result quickly.

We take our clients through a completely customized three-phase process, ensuring the best possible outcome. We approach each case with one mindset, one intention, to help your loved one get to recovery. The grip of addiction is both overwhelming and life threatening. The purpose of intervention is to effectively break the cycle of addiction and introduce the addicted individual to a process of ongoing recovery. With the help of family, friends and an experienced treatment team, this can be achieved.