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"BlueCrest is the Harvard of addiction treatment. You honestly deserve 10 stars. You guys make miracles happen!"

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Highest Success Rate in NJ

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best alcohol rehab near me

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Insurance may cover 100%

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best alcohol rehab near me

"If you are reading this, you or someone you care for is in the same horrific place I was approximately one year ago. If true, my only suggestion would be to read the other testimonials and believe every word. Then, call BlueCrest and begin your journey back to you . . . for you and your loved ones. Today.

Every syllable you’ll read in the other qualifications is true, period. You will read that the amazing staff is excellent; absolute truth. You will read that the program they run is insightful and maximizes your chance at successful recovery; again true. You’ll read that they incorporate the tenants of AA and encourage you to seek a sponsor immediately, totally accurate. And, that every client is treated like family. That is absolutely honest and the key to your successful recovery.

Make no mistake, their job is to guide you from the nightmare you are in. It is not taken lightly and you WILL have to do the work. But, each and every counselor I met showed me they understand the road back and took the time to personally care about me. To name them all is a bit much, but I have to mention that Counselor Lynne in particular was a blessing beyond words.

BlueCrest gave me the direction to get back to me, the tools to do it, and the knowledge how. They can and will do the same for you, but you need to take the first step. Call them today and let your journey back begin ASAP.

One last word of truth, I have my life and family back because of these amazing, amazing people. That's all I got..."

-William F.

“This place saved my life! James the alumni coordinator never gave up on me and got me back here. I’ve been to other treatment centers, and BlueCrest is the best one by far!

The level of care you get with therapy is amazing. The homes are beautiful, more food than you can imagine, and fun outings on the weekend.

I wish I could list all the employees that have made an impact on my life but I am going to list just a few. Felicia is a top-notch house manager, Cliff and Mike the housing techs are amazing people, and Kim my clinician.

From the housing team to treatment level, EVERYONE wants to see you succeed and truly cares about the clients.”

- Kim J.

"Choosing to go to Bluecrest Recovery Center was the best decision of my life!

At Bluecrest, I was surrounded by positive, inspiring, and influential staff who helped me achieve sobriety. The housing experience was phenomenal, the group sessions were informative and motivating, and the opportunity to also attend local AA/NA meetings set me up for future success once I left the program.

My housing manager, Oscar, made my stay so comfortable and counselors such as Shaina and Zack helped me recognize the areas I needed to work on. In addition, the family session I had with Lynn helped to set my family members at ease in regard to what to expect once I came home.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling to get and/or remain sober. You will not regret this decision; coming here just might save your life."

-Heather M.

"This Place is a Family"

Hear Jason's Story...

"Learning To Love Myself"

Hear Laura's Story...

Insurance may cover 100%

Personalized Recovery Tailored To Your Needs

No matter what type of substance issue you’re facing, BlueCrest is able to give you the help you need so you can reclaim your life.

Partial Care Program

(“Rehab” or “PHP”)

Commonly known as “rehab”, PHP lets individuals heal in comfort, free from the distractions & triggers that contribute to their substance abuse.

Intensive Outpatient


IOP is designed to allow individuals to attend therapy multiple times a week while still allowing time for work and other obligations.



Our in-depth Outpatient treatment offers individuals the flexibility to maintain their career, family, & other important aspects of their life.

Medication Assisted w/ Vivitrol


We are a trusted provider of Vivitrol, a medication that helps eligible clients overcome their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Treating the Whole You

inpatient rehab near me


Our expert clinical staff crafts a customized treatment plan consisting of the most current and reliable treatment modalities, tailored to each client’s individual needs.

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To empower long-term recovery, we strengthen our clinical work with spiritual practices and principles to help clients find a sense of purpose regardless of their personal belief systems.

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Self-care is a key component of recovery. We offer several holistic treatments for any level of physical ability, including meditation, yoga, exercise, and art and music therapy.

Insurance may cover 100%

A Luxury Rehab Experience

Comprehensive & Customized To You.

Our Top-Rated Addiction Treatment Programs:

How are we able to have such a high success rate?

Because we've been there. We've walked in your shoes. And we know what it takes.

Many of our staff, including our CEO, have battled addiction first-hand and gone through recovery themselves, allowing them to offer a level of compassion, empathy, positive energy, love, and support that is truly second to none. They care deeply about you and welcome you with open arms into our recovery family. This shows up in spades in what our clients have to say about us in their testimonials.

In addition to this uniquely important first-hand perspective, we have a world-class clinical staff, a highly successful evidence-based methodology that's repeatedly proven to foster long-term sobriety, hundreds of genuine rave reviews that show first-hand what we're all about, and an amazing community that surrounds you with support and relentlessly champions your success.

There *is* a brighter tomorrow (we promise!) and we can't wait to get there alongside you.

Insurance may cover 100%

Our CEO shares his own inspiring story of addiction and recovery:

(It's worth a listen... to the end!)

Insurance may cover 100%

Recovery Starts Today

best alcohol rehab near me


Insurance may cover 100%

best alcohol rehab near me

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Yes, all information provided is kept confidential and once engaged in treatment; all aspects of treatment are confidential unless otherwise noted by a signed release of information.

We accept most major private insurances. If you do not have insurance, private pay options can be discussed.


Some of the insurance providers we can work with include Horizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, and others. Please give us a quick call to see if your insurance covers treatment.

At BlueCrest Recovery Center, you will receive a comprehensive multifaceted approach to treatment that includes both group therapy sessions and individual one-on-one therapy sessions based on your unique needs.

Yes, we offer both family support and education groups run by a licensed clinician as well as individual family sessions. Every family and every person is unique, our clinicians will work with you to determine the best approach to healing for yourself and your family.

BlueCrest Recovery Center will conduct an assessment, or level of care evaluation. The goal is to determine the appropriate level of care to meet the client’s individual needs and to provide a recommendation.

Yes, in fact clients with co-occurring illnesses tend to be very successful in our program. Every client that comes to BlueCrest receives a comprehensive psychological evaluation to determine what specific mental health needs they have. From there, a personalized treatment plan that addresses both the substance use and mental health concerns.

BlueCrest Recovery adheres to the highest treatment standards established by its accrediting agencies. BlueCrest is currently accredited by Joint Commission and   The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities also known as CARF. These governing agencies certify that our services are consistently meeting rigorous treatment standards and to ensure the highest quality of care is always being provided.

Group schedules for all treatment days are outlined by a clinical curriculum that integrates a multitude of the treatment modalities we offer. Our therapists will conduct weekly individual sessions with each client. These one-on-one sessions most often occurs during treatment hours in lieu of a group session. BlueCrest’s clinical schedule offers comprehensive and diverse therapeutic approaches including, among many others, process (discussion) group, 12-step education/didactic groups, yoga and meditation sessions and life skills training.

Transitioning from treatment to independent living is a common relapse trigger. BlueCrest’s multiple levels of care are intended to gradually “step-down” clinical structure as clients build independence and grow their 12-step program. Clinicians and our Case Manager will assist in making any necessary aftercare referrals for continued care including but not limited to psychiatrists, doctors and therapists.

Insurance may cover 100%

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