John Troche

Restoring Hope. Restoring Lives.

Clinician, CADC, Lead Interventionist

John TrocheJohn Troche has worked with alcoholics and addicts for over 20 years helping them find a way to be happy and usefully whole in the recovery community. As a Sober Companion, House Manager, and Transport, John has become an indispensable asset to the recovery community at large.

John was given a second chance in life, to turn around, and help others who are on a collision course with death. His personal spiritual belief is that we are all connected and it is only by helping others that we can truly help ourselves. He feels it is his obligation to try and leave this world a little better off than the way he found it.

Professionally, he began his occupational career as a Draftsman and Graphic Designer—a talent he has integrated into his work within the recovery sector. Generating several media forums for substance abusers seeking fellowship and resources within the community, John has created a way for alcoholics and addicts to anonymously connect with each other for an abundance of recovery-related resources. This effort to create substantial connections has resulted in thousands of users, who have come to know John as a respected, reliable and compassionate source for assistance. For BlueCrest Recovery Center, there is no one who could fill the role of Client Liaison as effectively as John.

Working as a sober living house manager, sober companion, and transport at New York City Sober Living, John was able to take his dedication to helping others to the next level and begin to work professionally within the field of Addiction. Currently he is both a CADC and CIP candidate.

John is a valuable member of the BlueCrest team, wearing several hats. He is inspired by the idea of reaching through the looking glass and helping another sufferer to a solution to their problem.